Online Transportation Business in Indonesia

Transport has always been the important things that are inseparable from human life, from ancient times until today. You can look back to the past where humans exploit animals as transportation, such as horses and cattle. As time passes, the transportation used the more modern, such as cars, motorcycles, planes, even boats. The animal uses as a means of transport of such animals are removed, start now serve as entertainment only. Increasingly rampant transport in Indonesia, making a business in this field can provide great benefits for you.

The development of technology also makes the growing transport business, one of which is transport online is being hitz in Indonesia. To be honest, you would prefer to use the online transportation transportation compared to offline in General. Simplicities makes you interested to use it, simply download the application provider of transportation services online, you can directly use it. Here are the online transportation are hits.

1. Go-Jek

Who is not familiar with the application provider of transportation services on this one? Very hits, isn’t it? Users from various backgrounds, ranging from children, teenagers, adults, even the House of old though. Service company has been founded in December 2010. This business is promising, proved still exist in the world of transportation online. The company, founded by an Indonesian young man named Nadiem Makarim graduates of Harvard University, the United States is called Go-Jek Indonesia PT. This business is quite developed in Indonesia, especially in big cities. To date the company has 10,000 taxi riders partners spread over several regions of Indonesia such as the JABODETABEK, Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, and Makassar.

2. Grab

In addition to the Go-Jek, there are also other online transportation service providers that also hits at the moment. In addition to the bike, grab also offers car transport. There is also a Grab-Food to deliver food to those who need to eat but lazy to get out of the House. Its use is also pretty easy when compared with other applications, in addition to the price that’s been detected and could use e-money as OVO, driver grab has also spread into parts of the city even to rural areas.

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3. Uber

Transport services online Uber there has been long in the United States. Founded in 2009 that its headquarters is located in San Francisco. The Uber application that connects passengers with the taxi rider into an alternative many options to prospective passengers. Uber himself has already operate in hundreds of cities that are in 59 countries in the world. For in Indonesia own Uber has been present in several cities in Indonesia.

4. Blue-Jek

Jek blue-or Bluskan-taxi is already operating officially since 17 September 2015. Its founder is Michael Manhutu and Garrett Katono. According to Garrett, this is now a Blue-Jek already has a thousand taxi riders. Blue-Jek itself offers four services that can be accessed very easily. Either through the call center, or download the application on your smartphone.

5. Wheel Line

The transportation service provider’s application online is a little different from the others. Wheel Line set the price rates in accordance with the zone of its territory. If the destination A to Destination B within a radius of 3 kilometers can be called a zone. Then, the next 3 kilometers are on the zone two, so on correspond to the zone of its territory. The development of transport online is indeed not always run smoothly, there are always challenges and obstacles at every turn. Many protests from some parties who feel aggrieved will transport online presence, particularly ojek base who feel his work is taken

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