Introduction Badminton

Badminton is a game performed by 2 groups, each consisting of male / female singles, men’s / women’s doubles, and finally mixed doubles. The goal in badminton is to hit the ball or shuttle cock by crossing the net so that the shuttle cock falls in the field of the opponent’s game. The materials or tools needed to play badminton are racket, shoes, shuttle cock, and net. In addition to the ingredients needed there are many more that you need to prepare such as towels, drinks, replacement racquets and many more. After everything is available, you can do badminton games.

Badminton has developed since 2000 years ago and badminton is now one of the most popular games in the world, especially in East and Southeast Asia. Badminton is a game that most people like to play as a form of relieving fatigue or stress due to activities carried out every day and may be used as a favorite hobby. We know that badminton games are always played with by many people, both children and even adults. We may also often play the game with friends, relatives or with other people. Even a lot of championships can be obtained from the badminton sport.

Before you play badminton, of course you also need to know about the basics in the badminton game, maybe for people who are first-time to know badminton they don’t know too many ways or techniques in badminton games. These are some of the basic techniques that have been held in badminton games including:

1. How to hold a racket

In badminton there are 2 ways to hold a racket with a forehand and a backhand. If using a forehand, hold the racket with your left hand, after that the racket head is sideways, hold the racket like when it will shake hands, forming the letter V on the racket. Middle finger, ring finger, little finger holding the racket while the index finger is slightly apart. The thumb is placed between 3 fingers and index finger. As for the backhand method, by sliding the middle V towards the side beside it, the thumb pads are in a broad racket grip.

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2. Foot movements

Foot movements are very important in badminton games in order to produce a quality punch. If we are able to maintain balance in doing footwork, then of course we can get the best punch and get as many points as possible.

3. Attitude and position

The attitude taken by badminton players is to maintain weight so that both legs remain balanced. Both legs are wide open with a parallel position. Finally, the head of the racket must be higher than our head.

4. Position when hitting

In badminton games there are several positions in hitting the ball such as overhead and underhead. Overhead is the same as smes and droshort techniques, so focus on mastering overhead blows. Overhead is usually done by hitting the coock shuttle from the top of the head, its position from behind is directed up towards the back of the field, so that it can make it difficult for the opponent to return the punch. While the underhead is a blow made from below by hitting a ball that is under the body.

5. Service

Service has various types including short service, high service and backhand service. Usually badminton players use shorter services more often and this is usually done by multiple players. We may know that there have been many championships from our athletes who have donated various championships given by our country from badminton. This sport has indeed become one of the mainstay sports for the country of Indonesia. There have been many awards given by the country from the badminton branch, so it’s not surprising if this sport is indeed very popular in various circles of young people to adults. We may also need to give appreciation to the badminton sport so that this sport will become known to many people and also develop well throughout the world.

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