5 Culinary Businesses

Whether you’re looking for a promising but the culinary business with small capital? You are reading the right article. You don’t have to worry about the things are related, there must be a business you want. Even many. It’s because of food staple is part of man that can not be released from life. Without food, human beings cannot survive with long. So, wherever and whatever its shape, like if you run a business in the culinary field will definitely be sold and provide great benefits for you.

However, running a business is not an easy thing. You have to face the challenges that are not easily. When customers are being a bit, then the supply of the raw material you have can be expired. As a result, you will experience a loss. Definitely do not want to experience it right? Therefore, you should try the culinary business that can be started with a small capital. Let’s check out the following reviews.

1. Food Business

As has been discussed previously, the food business is indeed quite promising for those of you who want to get a large enough capital with a small capital. You must be good at selecting a location for your business that will run. If you want to sell food worth Rp 5 thousands, then find the area of the school or who are close to the citizens in order for settlement within easy reach. In doing so, the small schools will inevitably toward you at the time of the hour break or hours of their home school.

In addition, you can also select the area around the campus. Isn’t college kids also like snacks? It would be quite beneficial for you. However, you need to pay attention to how you are branding your business products. If you have a brand that is quite popular among young boys, then you must target college kids or teens, stay at an affordable price for easy interest many people.

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2. Angkringan

You definitely know where to eat this one, isn’t it? Starting from its popularity in Yogyakarta, when this started many other areas which began to apply this eating places such as in Yogyakarta. Typical food makes it always sought after by many people. Rice, Satay intestines, eggs, shellfish, tofu, tempeh and many more types of home-based food sold here. The most typical drink here is ginger milk or other.

The concept of this place is to provide meals with small portions that are obviously much different with warteg. In General, this place is open every evening, so that your audience is the workers who recently returned home from his Office or a student who wants to hang out with her friends. You can open this place business with a capital of just over 3-4 million dollars.

3. Fried foods

Are you a business with this one? Don’t misjudge the first, thus the profits from this business are big enough tables. Try you notice, seller of fritter you can find wherever you are, is not it? In every corner of the area you can also find it. You can sell different types of fried foods, ranging from tempe, tofu, banana, fried banana, molen, bakwan nor other kinds of fried foods.

4. Food Service Market

Try you notice, whether Tiananmen can be found easily at this time? If not, what the heck is this hawker makes quite rare for sale in the neighborhood community. Only with a capital of 30 thousand, you already can lead this market hawker business.

5. Gado-Gado

This is it people who are looking for breakfast. You can also sell at home to supplement your income. Capital you have to spend is less 3-4 million. Instead of running a business is not hard enough culinary promise. Though seem trivial, but the results obtained can be very profitable

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